Nomad is manned by a team with over 20 years’ experience.

Captain Kadier is a very experienced skipper with several years under his belt navigating the islands of Sumatra. He plays a pivotal role in helping surf guide Jake Thompson, find incredible waves and getting there in the safest and short time possible.

Surf Guide, Jake is an amazing surfer and waterman who will be right beside you everyday of your trip.
He has the local knowledge and inside tips of every break, having spent most of his adult life growing up in Sumatra under the watchful eye of the legendary Simon Dale. He and the experienced crew will get you into the best waves to suit you, ensuring the Sumatran surfing trip of a lifetime regardless of your surfing standard.

Surf Guide

Jake Thompson

At the ripe old age of 16. Surf guide, Jake Thomson started learning the ropes as a surf guide in the Mentawai Islands under the watchful eye of respected and legendary veteran skipper, Simon Dale. Now considered a veteran himself, Jake has spent the last 8 seasons guiding hundreds of guests on several different charter boats, earning himself a solid reputation as one of the regions best surf guides. Jake surfs with amazing energy and confidence. If he wasn't so infatuated with Indonesia, he would probably be on the QS blowing his competition out of the water. He will be right beside you whatever your surfing level or size of the swell is, he prides himself on getting you into the best uncrowded waves, keeping the froth and stoke levels high!

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The Crew

20+ years experience

Many surf charters in the Mentawais claim to have 'the best' crew in the game. When Nomad say it, we really mean and have the experience to back it up too. Many of the crew have been with the boat since it started runnng exploratory surf missions back in the 80's. They have given their life to the mighty Nomad and will give their life to you for 11 days of your dream surf adventure.


Captain Kadir

Kadir (popeye) the Nomads smiley captain has been on board since its maiden voyage in the mentawais over 18 years ago now. Kadir started out as a chef and worked his way up the chain of command whilst becoming a fully qualified captain. His understanding of local currents and weather patterns make him an exceptional leader of the Nomad. Kadir is a super chilled and a very friendly guy, his English is great after years of dealing frothing surfers and he's always happy for a chat and is highly respected by his crew.


Keeping Nomad Bagus

Besta is arguably the most important man on the boat. Making sure engines of all 3 Nomad assets are running as well as possible. He is also a super energetic character and a favourite with many guests. Having been with Nomad for 6 years now, Besta knows his way around and has a visible eye and the ability to see problems before they happen. He is the cog turner, the engine room and part time comedian all in one.

Deck Hand

Mr. Versatile

Coming into his 8th consecutive season, Edo is everyones favorite deckie. Edo is the first man up and the last man standing each and every day. No job is too big or small for Edo. An avid fisherman, he knows the local currents and best fishing spots all over Sumatra. When he's not taxiing guests to and from the breaks, he's scrubbing decks, helping the chef and making sure guests are happy.

The Chef

Pyzel – The Sumatran Masterchef

Every great surf trip starts and ends with the food. No doubt about it. Yes, the waves are important too but without the energy to paddle and surf 5+ hours a day you aren't going to get the same value out of your experience. Chef Pyzel lights up the breakfast, lunch and dinner table with both Western & Indonesian cuisines, as well as snacks to make sure you never go hungry. He has over 10 years experience in fine dining restaurants out of Medan. Pyzel can also cater to vegans and vegetarian dietary requirements. Pyzel, loves keeping guests energised and loaded up on the tastiest of snacks and smoothies in between surfs. You will never go hungry on board the Nomad with Pyzel around.

The Nomad has been delighting surfers for over 2 decades.
If you’re looking for a Mentawai surf charter, a Banyak surf charter or in fact any Indo surf charter, look no further.