Surf Report 29/08/2017

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With some wild weather we made our way out to the islands, catching up with some close family and old mates to celebrate my 40th, after few beers tales of treachery and times of old began to be told.

But this trip was going to be the play off between the old and the new with a couple of groms Blake and Kaven on board. Who would take the honors, who would be that first bloke in the water every day before the sun had risen, who would clock up the most surf miles, only time would tell.

We started off the trip with some great waves to shake out some off the cob webs and the boys were graced by the presence of some surf royalty which got everyone excited about the prospects that lay ahead.

As we set a course and lay out a plan, as we continued to duck and weave between the islands, the weather seemed relentless but we pushed on finding the little nooks and crannies to get into some favorable winds.

Justin and the two groms were starting to really find their feet and slip into life on board the vessel as we found some empty waves where the boys could really find there feet.

Ben was showing us that patience pays off continually jagging the bomb sets, while Snapper showed the groms that at 39yrs young, how to gouge, hack and blow to fins out of everything that lay in his path.

Ken really started to find himself some top waves. Scotty left as with the most memorable memories and some I’ll never forget get as long as I live (I’m still not sure if that injury was intentional or not Scotty but what happens in the Ment’s stays in the Ment’s mate).

In the end Daneo takes out the award for most froth, putting in huge hours in the water, never missing a Boomer run and coming back from snapping his leg in half just over a year ago. Great to see you in the water again bro and surfing as good as ever.

In the end Old boys 1 Groms 0, you got some work to do boys but I doubt it will be long before the scores are settled.

Stayed tuned for the next epic adventure.

Capt Addo

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