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The team boarded the Nomad for a perfect sail out and were woken by 3 ft waves at HTs. Conditions weren’t ideal for us and our Shire friends in the channel but there were silky clean waves aplenty right up until dark. The first evening Flash forced the team into an early encounter with Defendor the movie, ouch.

Day 2 saw plenty of action at Lance’s Left. Spenno and Actionman dominated the outer break. Spenno found himself out their soul-searching for most of the day only returning at sunset. Sadly cousin Freighttrain, rugby tragic, didn’t terminate at the required station, greeting some of Lance’s coral that would keep him out of the water for the next 48hrs. A damn shame because the following morning Macaronis really turned it on for the lads on Day 3. Spenno picked up a slight case of heat stroke – 10hrs of surfing Macaronis will do that to any man. Meanwhile under the fine tutelage of Wal, Bloody Mick and Flash, Dunny successfully learnt the finer art of pig dog tube riding. The awesome Stand-up Maccas barrels escaped most except for a few talented mates staying on land. We spent the morning of Day 4 at Macaronis then took off after lunch for a wave at #####, Wal’s favorite break. Dunny practiced his new found skill of pig dogging the tube but due to equipment failure found himself high and dry looking for his prized MR up on the reef but it was Actionman who dominated this session with a couple of gutsy and impressive rides.

A very clean Thunders left was our wake-up call and Flashy advised Bloody Mick on the preferred vantage point to snap away with his camera. Meanwhile Freighttrain and cousin Actionman reminisced about the old days out in the speedboat fishing, returning with a fresh catch for dinner and tales of plenty of lost gear to the monsters below. The PM sessions saw us surfing a small un-named left and then a fun right-hander to finish up on dark. Dunny again finding the drydock, this time on Laird’s old long board. Nicholas joined him on the reef this session and earned a few stitches for his troubles. The anesthetic of choice for this operation was the duty free Bacardi Rum and it wasn’t long before Nicholas “I’ve been stitched up all my life” was put back together.

Archer set high standards in the fishing early the following morning, pulling in a GT and was briskly followed by Frogger wheeling in a toothy barracuda. Actionman, not to be out done landed a personal best monster doggy in 14m on the spear. Nice work! Good dining tonight.

The ocean went flat with some more fishing, snorkeling, an Irish Bargearse matinee movie and sunset beers at a nearby resort we still had a hell of a lot of fun.

Day 7 saw Flashman recommend Dunny take out the long board at Icelands with bloody Mick and Spenno to pick off some clean peaky ones while Actionman speared a great ocean trout to take home to the missus and kids.

Flash the Photographic editor called the lads in for a shoot at a tiny beach overlooking Wayne King’s Island. Bloody Mick got the wave of the day (whilst on duty) with the Frog taking out the award for Mr Consistency on the last day at small Burgerworld in the pristine empty lineup. To ensure no excess baggage back to Swingapore Actionman deposited 2 fins and some fiberglass on the reef before packing.

A great trip by had by all in the magic Mentawai.

A Big thanks to ‘Bloody Mick’ Curley for all the amazing images of the boys and the great trip.

– Report by Peter ‘Flashman’ Dunn.

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