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Nomad’s trip 2 for the 2017 season welcomed a bunch of boys from the Central Coast of N.S.W.

The first few days were forecast to be on the smaller side of the scale with a bit of wind about. Despite the unfavorable forecast the trip got off to a great start with some protected and playful right hand point breaks tucked away in the northern region of the island chain.
It seemed that a few other vessels had the same game plan for this weather pattern so we decided to keep moving and clock up some miles to greener pastures. The Nomad wasn’t the only thing moving south with plenty of White Russians being tipped on their head during the course of the trip south also.
After giving the boys a quick taste of the famous and ridiculously mechanical Macaroni’s line up a new passenger was welcomed on board – Wilson the beer bong and as is always the case after a big night with Wilson- the following day, expected to be small, was actually pumping.

With the tail end of the trip forecasting lighter more variable winds, a bit of swell and better sea state Nomad’s trusted speedboat Boomerang came into play keeping one step ahead of the tide and wind changes on the eternal hunt for clean empty waves and strike sessions.
What a great trip to be a part of, nothing but smiles and laughter and plenty of quality waves to boot.
Only onboard Nomad.

Captain Jake

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