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Finally Nomad’s run of never ending, epic trips is having a brief pause between notes and given me a chance of a quick update. Through September the Islands were hounded by Quite strong south wind. We had some great sessions but the options of clean waves have been pretty limited.

With no change in the weather we shifted our sights elsewhere and ran from the southerlies. Some long nights, strong Sumatran coffees and lots of time hopping through the archipelago in the Boomerang and slowly the rewards started coming. We have had some very keen groups on board that were up for the travel and as we started running from the wind, we started running into some perfect waves and keeping the adventure alive at some new locations, for me anyway.
The good time aboard have been continuing with heaps noise coming from all sort of instruments, frosty bintangs, mast jumps, Tiaras, balmy sunsets and chef Hotman has been flaring in the galley as always.
So far October is looking good. Going into the second half now and the southerlies are easing and a couple of nice swells starting to stir on the long range lookout.
Capt Albert.

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