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In the last 2 weeks at sea the Nomad has seen the the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Starting out with the worst.

Leaving Padang and steaming north and only a few hours out of the harbour we ran into a strong, powerful storm head on. Our boat speed dropped by about 30%  and the ocean did its best washing machine impersonation.  A classic long crossing and a boat load of sick guests all taking turns of using the sick bay at the stern of the Nomad. After a hellish 18 hour crossing out to the islands and finally ready for some time in the water we were greeted with one foot, stormy, windy dribble ??

Huey was being very cruel but from here on in things just seemed to get better and better. Over the next few days the winds eased, the swell came alive and Boys got their share of Great waves which quickly made the last 2 days seem like a distant memory.

The Nomad steamed south chasing the surf conditions and quickly covering alot of miles in search of gold….. all the way to the south end of the Mentawai Islands where the swell and conditions delivered for the next few days. Finally with some friendly winds the team spent some solid hours in the water getting tubed and  just as the swell started to back off for our last few days, a fresh swell kicked that delivered some really good sized, quality waves to finish up on.

Im of on holidays for this trip and Nomad is out tonight (25.07.11) With her old mate Toddy.

Cpt Albert.

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